Training and Development

New development presents an opportunity, but also potentially, a risk.  Parish and Town Councils may take a role at the negotiating table if they wish to influence infrastructure allocations and the form and quantity of new development in their areas.  However, to be effective, Parish and Town Council planning committees need to understand the planning system, from their perspective, and need basic skills that will enable them to spot opportunities and threats.

Why is this different from other training in town planning?

Training in the planning system is available to Local Councils from sources such as rural community councils, local planning authorities or special interest groups.  This training usually does a very good job explaining the complexities of the planning system:  how it works, how to respond to applications, the difference between forward planning and development management. However, this training is generally more about procedures and regulations than about results.

Andrea Pellegram provides training packages that enable local Councillors and clerks to make the most of the opportunities before them by providing training and advice about how the system can work in their favour and to meet their community’s needs.

In all courses, the training material offers practical advice on what can be achieved from the Parish or Town Council level of government, and how influence can be exerted upwards.

Course delivery

Andrea Pellegram will deliver all courses in this Town Planning programme.

Two types of courses are offered:

  • Full day courses: these will generally start at 10.00 and finish at 16.00 with a break for lunch and tea/coffee mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Half-day or evening courses (2 – 2.5 hours)

Handouts and CPD certificates, where desired, will be supplied.

Bespoke training and support

If your Council requires something that is not offered here, Andrea Pellegram will be happy to discuss your specific needs and suggest bespoke training and support options.

With a unique insight gained from experience across public, private and community sectors, Andrea Pellegram can provide valuable support in complex local development situations, and understands all aspects of the development process.

Current course list:

  • How to negotiate on a planning application
  • Introduction to Town Planning from a Local Council Perspective
  • Introduction to the NPPF
  • Overview of the neighbourhood development plan process