Planning Applications

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Making planning applications and Neighbourhood Development Orders

Lee Searles has substantial experience of making successful planning applications for all types of development from small housing developments to very large energy infrastructure projects. He can provide expert advice on planning strategy and project management support on the appointment and management of consultants need for the preparation of successful planning applications and Neighbourhood Development Orders. Once submitted, we are experienced in working with local planning authorities and regulators to address objections to secure recommendations for planning permission.

Responding to Planning Applications

Andrea Pellegram and Lee Searles have been working in Town Planning since the 1980s and have gained a comprehensive understanding of the English Town Planning system, its legislation and regulations, and national policy. We have both worked in all aspects of the profession from Central Government, County Council, District Council, Local Council and the private sector. We know how it works.

We support our clients by helping them frame reasoned and defensible representations to locally contentious planning applications.

We can tailor our support to specifically address local concerns, and to frame arguments based on Development Plan and National policies that will have a better chance of influencing case officers and forward planning teams. We have a good understanding of technical disciplines and can make sure technical assessments have been undertaken properly and that material impacts are fully considered.

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