Strategic advice and support on local strategies to improve local development outcomes


Sometimes, a council’s concern is not really about town planning, it is about something else. Our experience working in county and district councils and the private sector means that we have a good understanding of local government finance and procedures. We can offer you advice on how to progress matters that are not strictly about planning.

We have good experience in partnership working to bring about local change and establish broader strategies to improve local communities. Broader community visions and strategies can be important game-changers in harnessing local community interests to achieve a common goal and in so-doing, improve the chances of securing local planning and development objectives. We can provide advice and support on identifying local opportunities and approaches to create broader community strategies which can help to improve development outcomes.

We have held many senior positions in local government and the private sector. We therefore have a good understanding of council procedures and communications strategies. We know what works and what does not.

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